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Water Damage Restoration Service Phoenix

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Our great team of water damage contractors knows how to handle different types of water damage and understand that Phoenix home and business owners don’t realize they have cracks in their foundation or roofing until a rain storm hits.
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Storm Damage Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration

At Geo Restoration, we not only rebuild damaged properties, we build great experiences. How do we accomplish this? By keeping our mission in mind during each project.
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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

We understand the serious nature of our work. This is why we take every opportunity to deliver expert services that respect Phoenix home and business owners’ property.
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Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewage Backup Cleanup

Whether you’re dealing with a sewer backup or overflow from a storm, Geo Restoration responds with the right equipment and certified technicians to remove dangerous contaminants and water from your property.
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Dealing With Water Damage? We Have Responsible Solutions.

Water Damage Restoration Service Phoenix

At Geo Restoration, we care about the future. Not just the future of our business, but of Phoenix itself.

Too often restoration companies hastily assume that “shortcut” practices are powerful enough to wipe out mold and bacteria. But advancements in the restoration industry have opened up effective, responsible options for all types of cleaning challenges, and we are proud of our unique mission to offer products that deliver superior results while keeping the environment and your health in mind.

Monsoon damage repair for when the unexpected happens

Choosing Geo Restoration for storm damage repair means you get to work with a company with a clear mission. We promise that:

  • Our in-house restoration experts will always be upfront, informative, and deliver high-quality repairs that last.
  • We will repair any damage from storms and monsoons.
  • Our roofing company is licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • We work with your home insurance company for painless payment processing.
  • We work with all building material types.

Water Damage Restoration Service Phoenix AZ

Smart Cleanup Strategies for Storm Damage and Leaks

Our great team of water damage contractors knows how to handle different types of water damage and understand that Phoenix home and business owners don’t realize they have cracks in their foundation or roofing until a rain storm hits. Working quickly to respond to unexpected flood damage is our specialty. We also specialize in cleaning up damage caused by broken pipes and leaky air conditioning units.

Water Damage Inspection, Cleanup, and Repairs

When a monsoon hits, structural damage can build up as fast as the puddles outside. Since rooftops in Arizona spend most of their lives soaking up heat from the sun, a sudden downpour can reveal cracks and fissures in roofing materials. And while there’s a small advantage to the awareness a storm brings to roof damage, no one wants to deal with the repair expenses that follow.

The professionals at Geo Restoration don’t just remove and replace damaged materials and hand over a bill. We want to keep Phoenix residents safe and comfortable, which is why we’ve carefully designed our business to keep our prices competitive and our cost reporting transparent. Providing services in a private residence requires a special set of skills and sensitivity to each occupant’s need for personal space. All of our employees are highly skilled in their work and this includes being especially aware of establishing a “soft presence” in your home.

Dealing with water damage from floods or sewage backups in your home is bad enough, make the cleanup process as pleasant as possible by inviting respectful, professional restoration experts into your home.
Water Damage Restoration Service Phoenix Arizona
Our in-house experts specialize in:

  • Storm/monsoon and fire damage cleanup
  • Repairing damage caused by leaky rooftop air conditioners
  • Removing and restoring damaged wall materials
  • Water-damaged carpet and flooring removal
  • Mold remediation


Contact the best environmentally friendly water damage company in Phoenix!

Rebuild Your Property the Right Way with a Local Phoenix Restoration Service

At Geo Restoration, we never get so lost in the details of our daily work that we forget to create great experiences for our clients. Restoring a property means that its owner is dealing with a complex situation, and we do our best to make our part of that puzzle as seamless as possible for them.

By keeping our mission in mind during each project, we go beyond our responsibility as a local disaster-cleanup company. We help Phoenix property owners rebuild their lives. And unlike national companies, we specialize in the unique needs of Phoenix-area property owners.

We take great pride in expertly restoring Arizona homes and businesses to their pre-loss state or better.

Our restoration service encompasses:

  • Water and flood damage restoration – Properties in this area see as much water damage as rainier parts of the country. Whether from broken pipes, monsoon rainstorms, leaking air conditioners, built-up humidity, or poor ventilation, we work with your insurance company to bring you professional water damage restoration.
  • Smoke damage and fire repair – Whatever the cause, you can bring your business or home back to its pre-burned state with the right help. We expertly handle large and small projects.
  • Sewage cleanup – Plumbing backups can make for more than just a bad day, they can create serious health hazards and unforeseen damage to building materials. Leave it to us to get you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Taking care of our neighbors by keeping their homes free from pollutants and toxic substances is a job with inherent rewards. We know Phoenix offers other choices when it comes to restoration companies. But not every company treats its projects with the respect and care that they would bring to their own homes.

It’s more than just our slogan – we are genuinely concerned about creating solutions for a better environment.

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