Black Mold Removal Phoenix

Black Mold Removal Phoenix

Do You Need a Professional for Black Mold Removal?

Geo Restoration gladly offers water damage restoration service including black mold removal so Phoenix residents can stay healthy and safe without having to worry about removing tile, caulking, plaster, drywall, or other building features themselves. We also correctly treat mold populations while using the proper safety equipment such as high filtration masks, gloves, and protective sheeting. This protects the unaffected areas of the building as well as your health.

Mold spores can easily become airborne if disturbed, so it’s best to call a professional if the situation is more severe than a bit of growth in the shower grout.

Our restoration technicians will be able to assess the scope of moisture and water damage and explain the process for remediation in simple terms. But first, we will always perform thorough inspections only after you receive a consultation and estimate at no cost. Whether you are making a claim to your own insurer or are dealing with a third party liability claim from a tenant, we can help you navigate through the coverage process so you know exactly what to expect.

With our mold damage restoration services, Phoenix residents get:

Black Mold Removal Phoenix AZ

  • A building restoration company that serves only residents of Arizona.
  • Detailed damage reports for your insurance company at no extra cost.
  • A licensed staff that includes an Arizona licensed property & casualty adjuster.
  • Our full commitment. Geo does not work for any insurance company; we work for our fellow homeowners.
  • Work that is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Fair price assurance with Xactmate.
  • Clear and detailed written contracts
  • Written change orders with no surprise costs. Only approved work will be performed.
  • Non-insurance related upgrades or remodels upon request.



High-Quality Mold Remediation and Long-Term Preventative Solutions

Mold is a type of fungus that naturally exists everywhere — indoors and outdoors, even in dry areas like Phoenix. In fact, due to the high reliance on air conditioning units, mold is a fairly common consequence. Though benign in trace amounts, accumulation of this fungus has the power to corrode its host material. It’s important for home and business owners to know that the first 48-hours after water damage has occurred is the best time to prevent mold germination and growth.

High levels of mold spores in indoor areas can lead to respiratory issues, namely asthma. Though some hazardous species of mold produce chemicals called mycotoxins which can cause more severe illnesses in people with sensitive immune systems.

If you’re considering cleaning the mold yourself, at least do some research or call us to help determine the severity of your situation. Either way, we are happy to help with any type of mold abatement issue, large or small. There is a common misconception that black mold can be killed with bleach, but the truth is that if the dried mold isn’t fully removed after it dries, the spores can still be released into the air.

Black Mold Removal Phoenix Arizona

Reasons for Immediate Mold Testing

Be sure to address flood or other types of water damage issues as soon as possible to minimize the chances of mold developing unnoticed. If you’re not sure whether professional services are required, here are some common mold contamination situations that we handle regularly:

  • Ongoing moisture buildup from a water leak or intrusion
  • The threat of black mold after a flood
  • Existing black mold from a plumbing or sewage backup leak
  • Mold that has developed due to a humidifier
  • Air conditioning unit leaks



Don’t delay in getting help! We offer fast, affordable black mold treatment!


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