Building Restoration Service Phoenix

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Building Restoration Service Phoenix

At Geo Restoration, we not only rebuild damaged homes, we build great experiences. How do we accomplish this? By keeping our mission in mind during each project. Part of that mission is our responsibility as a local company. Unlike national companies, we specialize in the unique needs of Arizona homes. The roofs, substructures, and especially the interiors of our buildings are subjected not only to substantial heat and dryness, but moisture as well.

How does a dry environment contribute to moisture?

Many Arizona homeowners keep humidifiers in their homes to combat the dry heat. In other words, they keep little machines that fill enclosed areas with moisture. Over time, this moisture finds its way into pockets within the home, causing mold populations to take hold and damage walls, paint, and wood. Additionally, homes in desert environments tend to stay insulated against the heat year-round, giving mold and mildew plenty of opportunities to establish.

Did your home experience leaks after the summer monsoons?

Call us for a complete inspection of your roof before mold and moisture accumulate.

With Geo Restoration, Every Insurance Repair Project is Top Priority

Building Restoration Service Phoenix AZ
Taking care of our neighbors by keeping their homes free from pollutants and toxic substances is a job with inherent rewards. We know Phoenix offers other choices when it comes to restoration companies. But not every company treats every project with the respect and care that they would bring to their own homes. It’s more than just our slogan – we are genuinely concerned about creating solutions for a better environment.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Water and flood damage restoration – Whether from broken pipes, monsoon rain storms, leaking air conditioners, or poor ventilation, we work with your insurance to bring you the best in water damage restoration.
  • Smoke damage and fire repair – Large or small, we help you rebuild and restore your home or facility to its pre-burned state.
  • Sewage cleanup – Plumbing backups can ruin your day. Leave it to us to get you back to normal life as quickly as possible.


Building Restoration Service Phoenix Arizona

Ten Benefits of Trusting Our Restoration Contractors to Care for Your Home:


  1. Serving only residents of Arizona, our business operates locally.
  2. We measure, photograph, document, and present detailed damage reports for your insurance company at no extra cost.
  3. Our staff includes an Arizona licensed property and casualty adjuster for your convenience.
  4. Geo does not work for an insurance company; we work for our fellow homeowners.
  5. All our work is licensed, bonded, and insured
  6. A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  7. Fair price assurance with Xactmate.
  8. Clear and detailed written contracts
  9. Written change orders with no surprise costs. Only approved work will be performed.
  10. Non-insurance related upgrades or remodels available upon request.



A Phoenix-based Water Damage Restoration Company with Your Health and Safety as our Numer One Priority.


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