Fire Damage Restoration Phoenix

Fire Damage Restoration Phoenix

Hire the Best in Fire Damage Restoration Services

At Geo Restoration, we understand the serious nature of our work. This is why we take every opportunity to deliver expert services that respect Phoenix home and business owners’ property. Part of this mission is to ensure that you come back to us or make referrals when you need remodeling, roofing, or other general contractor services.

We take pride in our jobs as well as the city we serve, and with just over a million residents, bustling Phoenix demands efficient and versatile restoration services.


Do you know who to call for insurance restoration in Phoenix?

Fire Damage Restoration Phoenix AZ
We realize we’re not the only company that offers fire and smoke damage remediation services. However, we also realize that our combination of unique benefits help us stand out in our industry. Our technicians have current training, safety and health certifications, and extensive experience with restoration projects. We are happy to provide references for your peace of mind, and we always give fair price estimates and carefully written contracts prior to any work.

Choosing Geo Restoration for flooded-home repairs means you get:

  • In-house restoration experts who are always upfront, informative, and know how to deliver high-quality repairs that last.
  • Versatile professionals who work on a variety of homes and businesses exclusively in Arizona
  • Local experts who thoroughly inspect buildings for evidence of damage from fire.
  • Painless payment processing and help connecting with your homeowners’ insurance provider.
  • A licensed, bonded, and insured restoration company.


What to Expect from Fire Damage Cleanup and Disaster Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Phoenix Arizona
After the initial shock of realizing your property has been devastated by a fire, it’s important to follow the right steps to get back on track as soon as possible. Though detailed cleanup should always be performed by a licensed professional, there are some initial steps you can take in the meantime to slow the deterioration process.

Since ash and soot are acidic, they eat away at housing materials gradually. Walls, plastics, flooring, vinyl, and upholstery will show immediate effects, but if left even a few hours, deeper corrosion will occur. If left for multiple days, the damage will multiply in tandem with the cost of repair.

Our fire damage remediation process includes:

  • Removing the source of smoky odors
  • Heavy residue removal
  • Cleaning and sealing any salvageableĀ items to encapsulate odor and prevent recontamination
  • Safely disposing of irreparable items
  • Combating lingering odors with approved counteractant or deodorizing fog



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