Flood Damage Mesa

Do You Know How to Protect Your Home From Flood Damage?

Flood Damage Mesa

Storm damage strikes suddenly and can leave home and business owners in a tough position. Fortunately, there are ways you can help mitigate damage before it even occurs.

But, where to start? First, call Geo Restoration. We can help with anything from proactive roof inspections to large-scale water damage cleanup and rebuilds. As a local business, we know how to correctly work with Mesa’s unique architecture and environment.

Our team of home restoration professionals have been serving the area for over a decade and are sensitive to the needs of Arizona property owners.

We are versatile! Call us for a variety of restoration services.

Our business encompasses roof repair, fire damage, sewage backup, and smoke damage removal services.

6 ways to prepare for a monsoon flooding in Mesa

Flood Damage Mesa Arizona
Flood-proof your home using these proactive methods:

  1. Reach out to your homeowners’ insurance company. Make sure you’re informed about what types of damage can be covered and in which circumstances. Increasing your coverage could save you thousands in home repair costs in the event of a destructive storm.
  2. Flood-proof your home with a watertight concrete foundation or modifications to your crawlspace or basement.
  3. Purchase a home generator in case of long-term electricity outages
  4. Install impact-resistant storm shutters to keep debris and damage from high winds from letting rain water enter your home.
  5. Have your roof inspected for leaks
  6. Trim large branches from nearby trees. This will prevent damage from falling debris during a windstorm.


Choose a Home Restoration Company Who Works for You

Flood Damage Mesa AZ

We are your partner when it comes to working with your insurance company. We have an in-house claims adjuster who is able to handle insurance processing for you. From filing claims to the final payment, we ease the burden on you while ensuring accurate reporting to your insurance that benefits you.

Specializing in claims processing and payments is part of our mission to restore a sense of security back into our customer’s lives. We know what an insurance company needs in order to approve payment for flood repair. Let us work for you, holding your insurance company responsible for what your policy promises.

We aren’t any insurance company’s preferred vendor, which means we work for Mesa residents and have a genuine concern for the well being of our neighbors. When you choose us, you don’t get a noisy crew and a bill. You get your health and comfort restored.

Contact us today for flood damage restoration. Our team works together to help you through the process.


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