Flood Damage Queen Creek

Flood Damage Queen Creek

Residential and Commercial Flood Damage Rescue

Geo Restoration has been repairing and restoring water damaged Arizona homes for nearly a decade, which means we understand the unique needs of homeowners in the area. Since the region is mostly dry and hot, some residents don’t think about flood-proofing their home until it’s too late.

Leaky air conditioner units, broken pipes, and monsoons are all the common causes of water damage that keep us busy year round. And our certified restoration professionals are committed to providing you with innovative solutions to unexpected disasters.

We are not a “preferred vendor.” We work for Queen Creek residents, not insurance companies.

Our allegiance is to our customers, ensuring the right restoration of your property and taking no shortcuts.


Has a monsoon revealed cracks in your roofing?

Flood Damage Queen Creek AZ
Monsoon damage can reveal itself long after the rain has stopped. And though evidence of leaks might be apparent from the living spaces in a home, water creates pockets of saturation deep in the structural cavities that require sophisticated moisture detection meters to fully diagnose and repair.

Geo Restoration is skilled in finding these pockets and stopping further damage before it starts. If left to DIY efforts or careless inspectors, the moisture will cause odors at best, and delamination, shrinking, splitting, and structural deterioration at worst. Not only is this costly, it can be hazardous to the health of the home’s occupants.


Our State-licenced Contractors Know How to Repair Water Damage the Right Way

More than just removing water from your home or facility, our certified restorers have the right equipment and knowledge to handle a variety of complex water disaster situations. We will dry the substructure and interior completely, restoring it back to pre-damage condition while working to meet our stated schedule and cost estimate.

By acting quickly and carefully monitoring the extent of the water damage, our team can prevent mold and other health hazards. But, first, we work with safety in mind. Before we enter any flooded building, however, we check for electrical hazards, biohazards (lead, sewage, asbestos), and always use protective gear. Ensuring each building is safe and structurally sound before we call any job complete is our primary goal, and our reward is to be your contractor.

Flood Damage Queen Creek Arizona

We prevent future water damage with these proactive methods:


  1. Identifying moisture sources
  2. Tracing leaks to initial damage
  3. Evaluating visible and suspected mold growth
  4. Removing and safely disposing of contaminated materials
  5. Repairing or replacing damaged structures



We work with you because we care about Queen Creek properties! Contact us to breathe new life into your home.


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