Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution

Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution for Phoenix Property Owners

Insurance Claim Dispute Resolution by Geo Restoration

If you are worried about being underpaid or short-changed in some way, or have even been denied in part or in whole by your insurance company, know that you have other options.

In addition to being a full-service residential and commercial general contractor serving the greater Phoenix area, Geo Restoration also provides dispute resolution services all conveniently under one roof.

Our in-house staff of construction experts, appraisers, appraisal umpires, and trial court-accepted expert witnesses provide more accurate assessments than your insurance company because we have a much deeper working knowledge of the local construction industry. And in most cases, of the policy of insurance itself!


If you and your insurance company cannot agree to the value of your property insurance claim during the claim adjustment process, then invoking the appraisal clause may be an option.

Geo offers experienced insurance appraiser services to home and business owners involved in claim disputes with their insurance companies for all insured loss claim types.

How the Appraisal Process Works

The appraisal process allows the property owner to select and hire one of Geo’s in-house staff as your independent appraiser to determine the scope and value of the insurance claim. The insurance company will also select and hire their own appraiser to do the same.

During the appraisal process, the two appraisers will select and agree on a neutral umpire who will act as an arbitrator or “judge” in the event the two appraisers cannot agree on certain claim items or valuations. The neutral umpire makes the final determination.

Serving the interests of the home or business owner, our appraiser possesses the experience to yield a fair evaluation and award.

Our appraisal preparation involves:

  • Acting as YOUR selected insurance appraiser
  • Re-investigation of damages, utilizing the most current technologies
  • Thorough, loss-specific research, analysis, and investigation
  • Consultation with engineers, contractors, and other professionals when needed for support
  • Development of our own damage assessments and estimates to support our analysis and investigation
  • Analysis of all pre-appraisal claim-related materials and supporting documentation
  • Knowledge of insurance policies
  • Construction expertise
  • Negotiations
  • Impartial judgement

We promise to find a fair and feasible damage appraisal award to help you fully restore and rebuild your home or business

Umpire Services

An umpire is an appointed professional in an insurance claim dispute between two appraisers who holds the responsibility for making a final binding decision.

Geo umpires are court-approved, trustworthy, competent in the restoration industry, impartial, and independent with extensive backgrounds in construction methods, technology, construction management, and also have depth of experience in insurance.

Expert Witness

  • Our staff members are called upon to give testimony in the case of a court trial.
  • Our expert witnesses have practiced extensively in the field of insurance, restoration, and construction.
  • We possess relevant accreditations including licensing, training, education, and peer recognition.

Attorney and Private Adjuster Referrals

Sometimes Appraisal may not be the best form of dispute resolution, the best way to move forward in resolving your issue is to explore all available options first.

Since insurance appraisal process is binding and legal, the decision should be carefully and strategically considered. A trusted and experienced attorney and/or public adjuster should explain your options and rights as a consumer.

Geo Restoration has an extensive list of highly sought-after attorneys and private adjusters to help to recover your full insurance benefits when needed.

Our coveted policy holder attorneys and private adjusters even provide free initial consultation to Geo Restoration customers

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