Smoke Damage Restoration Phoenix

Smoke Damage Restoration Phoenix

A Reputable Smoke Damage Restoration Service With Lasting Solutions


The professionals at Geo Restoration know that smoke damage can leave home and business owners with one unsettling question: “How do we fix this?” Unfortunately, damage done by fire cannot be repaired with DIY strategies or even widely-available cleaning products.

Depending on the scale of damage, portions of the home must be carefully removed and replaced. If soot residue is the only superficial, special cleaning strategies are used to fully remove the evidence.

Smoke Damage Restoration Phoenix AZ

How we do smoke remediation right the first time:


  • We maintain high industry standards
  • Our residential and commercial restorations are full-service which means we consider the overall structural integrity of your home, not just isolated damage
  • Providing faster, more thorough service than our competitors is how we maintain our word-of-mouth reputation
  • Offering clear written contracts with detailed scopes of work including which services are covered by your homeowners’ insurance



Restore Your Home With the Best Smoke and Soot Damage Contractors

Smoke Damage Restoration Phoenix Arizona

Immediately after a fire, acidic soot settles into porous materials and discolors them. This damage is permanent, but other surfaces may be salvageable if cleaned quickly and properly. Items such as treated wooden furniture, metal, painted walls, flooring, and clothing can be permanently stained and will need to be refinished or replaced. Furthermore, if left untreated the items will continue to deteriorate, rendering a reasonably-priced restoration job into a massive expense.

Again, widespread smoke and soot residue should not be handled without the correct products and strategies. Licensed restoration technicians know how to deal with smoke damage without further harming your property or sentimental belongings.

Soot and ash are acidic, causing corrosion, etching, and discoloration, as well as lingering odors.

Contact our professional restoration experts immediately as costs skyrocket if fire damage is not cleaned quickly and professionally.


Smoke damage is not always immediately apparent after a fire

After a few days, ash from a fire will cause discoloration in walls, plastics, fiberglass, and finishes on appliances. Metals will tarnish and corrode, and wood and vinyl will require refinishing. Since Geo Restoration is a full-service contracting company, we not only help you clean soot and ash, but we can refinish or replace all affected building materials in your home. 

Dealing with smoke damage is stressful, which is why we don’t charge for consultations or estimates. As long-time Phoenix residents ourselves, we want to make the experience as smooth and predictable as possible for fellow homeowners. We’ll provide everything you need to bring your home, shop, or office back to its pre-loss state without the hassle of having to call a number of different services. We do it all, and we do it right.


Home and business owners trust us for detailed and professional soot removal and smoke cleanup services in Phoenix.


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