Water Damage Restoration Chandler

Water Damage Restoration Chandler

Water Damage Restoration for Leaks and Storm Catastrophes

Even in sunny Chandler, water damage is enough of a problem to keep the team at Geo Restoration busy year round. Calls for dripping air-conditioner units, damage caused by monsoons, leaky roofs, and plumbing issues are very common, and we are proud to provide innovative solutions to these serious problems.

We realize you have choices when it comes to water damage restoration companies, which is why we show our gratitude by treating each customer like a partner. Our missions are the same, after all – to restore your home back to the best condition possible using responsible products and methods.

As a complete water cleanup and restoration service, our job is to keep Maricopa County neighborhoods as beautiful and functional as they were meant to be. That means responding quickly to service calls, treating occupants with the utmost respect, thoroughly removing water and damaged materials from the property, and performing repairs so you can get on with business as usual.

Choose a restoration company that does it all.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at water damage. We understand the bigger picture when other companies only focus on one element.

Water Damage Restoration Chandler AZ

Flood and rain water damage repair for post-storm catastrophes

There’s no umbrella big enough for a rooftop, so when a monsoon rolls in, a lot of us are stuck waiting to see what starts leaking first. Hopefully you’ve checked your roof for fissures or damage prior to the bad weather, but if the worst happens, we’re ready to bail you out of a mess!

Choosing Geo Restoration means you get:

  • In-house restoration experts who are always upfront, informative, and know how to deliver high-quality repairs that last.
  • Local experts who know where to look for damage from heavy rains.
  • A licensed, bonded, and insured restoration company.
  • Painless payment processing and help connecting with your homeowner’s insurance provider.
  • Versatile professionals who work on a variety of homes and buildings.

Responsible, Effective Methods for Water and Moisture Cleanup

We’ve taken advantage of recent cleaning technologies to bring our customers the best in water damage cleanup methods that restore the health of your home.

No cleanup job is too challenging for us; we’ve seen it all and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. In fact, we believe our work is incredibly rewarding. Not only do we get to see the before and after “pictures”, we go home with the satisfaction of helping out our neighbors stay safe and comfortable.

Need Flooded Basement Help? We Know the Secret to Fast, Thorough Drying

Water Damage Restoration Chandler Arizona
We won’t share our trade secrets, but it’s true that we have the key to effectively drying out basements, including some that homeowners thought were irreparable. Our outstanding team of water damage pros can show you how to bring your basement back to life without having to tear down a single wall. Offering an all-inclusive service, our diverse team specializes in repairs to flooring, drywall, paint, electrical work, insulation, air conditioning units, and roofing.

Our restoration specialists perform:

  • Storm/monsoon and fire damage cleanup
  • Repairing damage caused by leaky rooftop air conditioners
  • Removing and restoring damaged wall materials
  • Water-damaged carpet and flooring removal
  • Mold remediation

We are passionate about our jobs because they matter! Call today for outstanding water remediation in Chandler!

We are available 24/7 for Emergency Services (480) 725-1071

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